We believe in empowering responsible homeownership

The Union Home Mortgage Foundation exists to equip families with the tools and resources to achieve economic self-sufficiency.


Helping Families Build a
Foundation That Lasts

We’re actively working to improve the financial health of families in our communities, making homeownership a possibility for all.


Committed to Our Communities

We focus our time, funds, and efforts on creating programs and partnering with nonprofits that make a real impact and ensure that families and individuals can take the next steps towards homeownership through these two pillars:


Financial Literacy Resources

We’ve partnered with industry leader BALANCE to provide you with resources to learn more about financial literacy. Access free tools, podcasts, online modules and more to test your knowledge and improve your skills.

Lending a Helping Hand

Responsible homeownership should be achievable for everyone. Together, we can make it happen.