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Career Search & Interviewing Tips During a Pandemic - from a UHM Campus Recruiter


As a result of COVID-19, the process of searching for jobs and interviewing has completely changed. Many individuals are struggling to find their way through the uncertainty of the virtual job hunt. Check out these tips on best practices for interviewing during COVID-19 from UHM Campus Recruiter, Shannon Cole.

Written by Shannon Cole

During the difficult times in this pandemic, it is often tough to see the good things that can come out of it. With so many uncertainties surrounding the future of some businesses and their employees, it is important to stay on your toes and be ready for anything.

Being a Campus Recruiter at Union Home Mortgage, I have seen this struggle first-hand. As a result, I have come up with a helpful way to utilize “COVID” in your career searching and interviewing to create a successful process from the comfort of your home.

Career searching and interviewing (COVID) style!

Connect – As you are going through the job search process, and even when you aren’t, it is important to find professional ways to stay in contact with employers/networks that you feel could be beneficial on your career path. Utilizing LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected to those employers/networks that you have interest in or consider asking them to share a cup of coffee virtually to get an update on their career/organization?.

Observe – Look into employer’s opportunities through their company websites and observe their posts on LinkedIn. Pay attention to what they mention about their workplace culture, company- wide or department-specific events, or job in your area of interest- often times they add more comments on what to expect from the role.

Validate – Reach out! Whenever you see a job posting that catches your eye, make sure to connect with the owner of that post and let them know that you are interested. Or, ask who else they might able to connect you with to learn more.

Interview – This area has seen massive change since the beginning of the pandemic. Most interviews are now happening via phone or video conferencing. Some things to consider when attempting a professional interview from home are…

  • Keep a clean background – Even if that means making your bed, or just having a wall behind you. The less that is in the background the more focus can be put on you.
  • Still dress to impress – Dressing as if you are attending the interview in person will make you feel more prepared for the virtual interview. Not only will you sound the part, but you will also look it!
  • Avoid distractions – Limit background noise and movement and make sure to turn off notifications that come through your phone or computer.
  • Come prepared – Have questions ready to ask the interviewer as well as conversational points you would like to make on aspects of the company that impress you or interest you the most.
  • Stay positive and be confident – Treat the interview like a professional conversation, this will help you feel more relaxed so you can enjoy your interview experience with your potential new employer.

DONE! – Now that you have gone through your outreach and interviews with companies, make sure you follow-up with ‘thank you’ emails and stay connected with the company and recruiter you worked with to indicate your continued interest in the opportunity.                                                          

I hope this idea of “COVID” will help you on your career search and interviewing during this uncertain time!